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Thriving Survivors Consultation

Thriving Survivors have been leading on a National Consultation, Survivors Voices.   The Survivors Voices Consultation aims to better understand the thoughts and views of survivors of domestic and sexual abuse on the topic of Restorative Justice in Scotland.  Thriving Survivors want the voices of survivors to be heard and acted upon by the Scottish Government as they progress their plans to have Restorative Justice Services in place by 2023.

What these services look like and who can access them will be influenced by you.   How can you help?  Disseminate the links below to every survivor, friend, workplace, social group and network you know.


Website: The Consultation Questionnaire – Thriving Survivors

Direct link:

But most of all, if you are a survivor you can help by completing the consultation. Together we will change the opportunities available to the survivors of Scotland.

If your traumatic experience was recent please only complete this consultation if you feel it will be helpful to you.