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Community Justice Outcomes Improvement Plan

The Community Justice (Scotland) Act 2016 requires partners to publish a Community Justice Outcomes Improvement Plan (CJOIP) for each Local Authority area, outlining how they intend to work together to reduce reoffending.

The CJOIP provides the strategic framework for the Community Justice Ayrshire Partnership and demonstrates the partnership’s commitment to reducing reoffending and making local communities safer places to live and work.

The five-year plan was developed through extensive engagement with community justice stakeholders and communities, a strategic assessment of strengths and needs, and the development of an up-to-date evidence base.

The plan links to the Local Outcome Improvement Plans (LOIPs) developed by each Community Planning Partnership, and to the National Strategy for Community Justice and the Community Justice Performance Framework developed by the Scottish Government.

Participation Statement and Equality Impact Assessment

When publishing a new CJOIP, the Community Justice (Scotland) Act 2016 requires statutory community justice partners to prepare a Participation Statement.

The Participation Statement sets out the action taken by statutory partners to achieve the participation of third sector bodies and community bodies involved in community justice in the preparation of the plan.

The statement provides details of third sector and community bodies and others who participated in the planning process and specifies the nature of this participation (for example whether this took the form of meetings, other events, online or social media etc.). Consultation arrangements with Community Justice Scotland are also be specified in the statement.

In order to ensure compliance with relevant equalities and human rights legislation, an Equality Impact Assessment (EQIA) has also been prepared during development of the new CJOIP.