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CSE Aware Bulletin


Motherhood is a common experience for many women involved in the ‘sex industry’. In fact, many women have said that the need to provide for their children is what led them to start selling or exchanging sex in the first place. In this edition of our bulletin, CSE Aware want to shed light on the experiences and needs of women as they navigate all aspects of motherhood – whether it is decisions around having children, pregnancy, childcare or losing children to the care system.

Below you will find insights article exploring different aspects of women’s experiences with motherhood, an interview with SOHTIS on pregnancy and sexual exploitation, as well as two new reports CSE Aware  have published on motherhood and on disclosures of selling sex.

Through these articles and resources they reveal the double standards that are applied to mothers who sell or exchange sex and how, against all odds, they will do their best to protect and provide for their children.

Motherhood – CSE Aware bulletin (