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Cunninghame House, Irvine, KA12 8EE

The STAR Centre: Ayrshire’s Rape Crisis Centre

The STAR Centre: Ayrshire’s Rape Crisis Centre is again open for referrals for support services for survivors of sexual violence across North, South and East Ayrshire.

STAR Support Programme

Offering psychosocial education and support to all survivors (age 13+) of any type of sexual violence including child and commercial sexual exploitation, historic child sexual abuse, sibling sexual abuse and sexual assault/rape.   Helping survivors understand what they are going through and support them in finding ways to cope and move forward.   Initially survivors will be offered nine fortnightly sessions, each lasting up to 50 minutes with a specialist support worker. In exceptional circumstances it may be possible to extend sessions to a maximum of twelve session over 6 months.   Please note that the support service is not intended to be indefinite and is not counselling. Workers are experienced, trauma-informed sexual violence specialists, and know that service users benefit greatly from expertise and feel empowered by the sessions delivered, but they are not intended to be an alternative to long-term counselling for those who need it.

To make a referral to us please email,  call 01563 544686 or complete the form on our website  Anticipating a wait time of no more than 6months for support but staff are working hard to bring the maximum wait down further.


Advocacy service supports survivors who have reported, or are thinking of reporting, a crime of sexual violence.  The advocacy and support workers will contact clients within three days of a referral. To make a referral to us please email,  call 01563 544686 or complete the form on our website

Supporting your child after sexual abuse

From January 2024 service will be offering a free monthly session for parents/carers – ‘Supporting your child after sexual abuse’ .  Sessions will be available online and in person at The STAR Centre in Kilmarnock.  This two-hour session is aimed at helping parents:

  • understand trauma responses in the face of sexual violence,
  • challenge rape myths,
  • understand how to create a safe space for young people, and
  • understand the use of grounding techniques in the event of a trigger.

Parents/carers can sign up directly for these sessions via our Eventbrite page.  The link for the sessions can be found here:  Supporting your child after sexual abuse | Eventbrite