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The Caledonian System

Delivered by the Partnership Delivery team (PDT), the Caledonian System works with men convicted of domestic abuse offences to reduce reoffending and increase the safety of women and children.

The Caledonian System consists of a behaviour programme for men convicted of domestic abuse offences, and support, safety planning and advocacy services for their partners and children.

The system includes:

Men’s Programme

Lasting at least two years and comprising a minimum of 14 one-to-one preparation and motivation sessions (Pre-Group stage).  Followed by a Group Work stage of at least 26 weekly three-hour sessions, and further post group one-to-one work (Maintenance stage). The Men’s Programme is highly structured, with each session detailed in the Men’s Programme manual. It is delivered by Case Managers (who deliver the one-to-one sessions and manage individual men throughout their time on the programme) and Group Workers (who deliver the Group Work stage). Participation in the Men’s Programme is a mandatory requirement of a statutory order or licence.  They are referred by court order if they have been convicted of offences involving domestic abuse and are assessed as suitable candidates in terms of risk and readiness to change.

Women’s Service

Providing safety planning, information, advice and emotional support to women partners and ex-partners of men referred to the Men’s Programme. It is provided by dedicated Women’s Workers, who aim both to reduce the risk to women and their children, and to improve women’s social and emotional wellbeing. In contrast with the Men’s Programme, the Women’s Service is voluntary – women are not obliged to accept the support they are offered.

Children’s Service 

Aims to ensure that the needs of children (whose father or whose mother’s (ex) partner is on the Men’s Programme) are met and their rights upheld and the impact that domestic abuse has on their lives is reduced.

Working together with the whole family and taking a ‘systems’ approach with a combination of services for men, women and children is central to the Caledonian System’s ultimate aim of reducing the risk of harm to women and children.

The short animation was produced by North Ayrshire Council Communications Team in conjunction with the Partnership Delivery Team (PDT) and provides further information on the Caledonian System.

For further information please contact the Partnership Delivery Team, Telephone: 01294 322640 or visit