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Cunninghame House, Irvine, KA12 8EE

Supported and Validated Self-Evaluation

Community Justice Ayrshire has been chosen as one of three pilot areas to undertake a supported self-evaluation exercise, which will be validated by the Care Inspectorate.

This supported and validated self-evaluation is about evaluating how good our implementation of the new approach to community justice is. We will work with our community justice partners to consider:

  • the progress made on strategic planning
  • the extent of collaborative work across statutory partners and the third sector
  • the effectiveness of local strategic groups
  • the ability to report on progress made
  • the ability to maximise impact through the efficient and effective use of shared resources
  • how well leaders are supporting this work and providing clear direction

To do this, we will be focusing on the following three Quality Indicators

  • 6.2 Planning and delivering services in a collaborative way
  • 8.1 Effective use and management of resources
  • 9.2 Leadership of strategy and direction

We are really keen to show the breadth and depth of work taking place in community justice across Ayrshire. Partners are able to contribute to the self-evaluation through our focus groups and by completing a QI feedback form and returning to no later than 8th February.