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Strategy for Justice in Scotland

The Scottish Government published the Strategy for Justice in Scotland in July 2017.

It draws on the latest evidence reflecting on recent successes, highlights key challenges for the immediate and longer-term and sets out seven priorities for 2017-2020 to help shape our collective effort, inspire collaboration and frame a shared vision for the future.

Justice in Scotland: Visions and Priorities.

Our vision is for a safe, just and resilient Scotland. This document is for all those working to keep our communities safe and those who deliver civil, criminal and administrative justice. It builds on the outcomes and approach we set out in the first Strategy for Justice in Scotland in 2012, and the significant contribution the reform of our justice services has made to improving outcomes for people across Scotland.

The strategy published by The Scottish Government, in July 2017, can be viewed via this link – Justice in Scotland: vision and priorities – (