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Cunninghame House, Irvine, KA12 8EE

Start Where You Are and Do What You Can – Dr Michael Smith and James Docherty

ACES: Dr Michael Smith and James Docherty, VRU.

ACEs: Start Where You and Do What You Can

A multi-disciplinary group met over the course of several months to plan the event, which was to be called ‘Start Where You Are and Do What You Can’ in a plea to delegates that everyone has the power within them to make a difference, whether at home or in their professional life.

The conference was part-funded by Community Justice Scotland, and was hosted by Councillor Anthea Dickson, Chair of Community Justice Ayrshire. Nearly 300 expressions of interest were received from across Ayrshire in relation to the event, with 150 places available on the day.

Last week you were able to view the excellent input from Dr Suzanne Zeedyk with the addition of James Docherty, bringing theory to life.

This week is Dr Michael Smith (Lead Associate Medical Director, Mental Health & Addiction Services, Greater Glasgow & Clyde) along with James Docherty, Violence Reduction Unit.

Next week will be Jennie Young (Teaching Fellow, Stirling University) and James Docherty.

Dr Michael Smith

“Excellent; provided a lot of theory and academia; passionate; ACE memes very useful; moved discussion to understanding how ACEs impact on individuals and thinking about how to more effectively engage with them; always available supportive adult; adverse community experiences; practical; thought provoking.”

James Docherty,

Violence Reduction Unit

“Delivered in an articulate manner; value of lived experience; offered inspiration to others; demonstrated the significant change in his own situation and therefore improved outcomes for his own family; bringing theory to life; first-hand experience; could have listened to him all day; emotional and encouraging; restored faith in our attempts to break the cycle which can appear inevitable at times; passionate; no-nonsense approach”