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Recorded Crime in Scotland – August 2021

This Official Statistics bulletin presents information on the number of crimes and offences recorded by the police in Scotland during August 2021. It also includes a comparison with the equivalent month of the previous two years.

The police in Scotland recorded 19,071 crimes in August 2021.

  • Non-sexual crimes of violence were 4% lower compared to August 2020
  • Sexual crimes were 4% higher compared to August 2020
  • Crimes of dishonesty were 1% higher than August 2020
  • Fire-raising, vandalism etc. was 4% lower compared to August 2020
  • Other crimes were 13% lower compared to August 2020
  • Fewer crimes were recorded by police in 19 (59%) out of 32 local authorities, compared to August 2020

Recorded Crime in Scotland: August 2021