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Our Commitments Plan

Our Community Justice Plan includes a total of 45 ‘Commitments’ (or actions), describing what we will do to deliver the Plan. These sit within our three Ambitions of Beginnings, Belonging, Belief as follows:

  • Beginning: 19 Commitments
  • Belonging: 14 Commitments
  • Belief: 12 Commitments.

These Commitments are for all of those affected by crime. That includes people involved in offending, their families, victims, communities and those working in the justice system.

Our Commitments Plan gives more detail about who is leading delivery, contact details and the geographical area covered. Note that all of the Commitments will be delivered in 2017-18, within existing resources. Each year we will review our progress and update our list of Commitments, so we will publish a new ‘Beginnings, Belonging, Belief’ plan by April each year.

03-CJOIP Commitments Plan – FINAL