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‘Gender Based Violence in the Modern World’ Fiona Drouet, #Emilytest – Tackling Gender Based Violence in Education

Our fifth input at the ‘Gender Based Violence in the Modern World’ conference on Friday 29 November 2019 was Fiona Drouet, Founder and CEO of #Emilytest.

Fiona shared the emotional and hard-hitting story of her daughter Emily, and the work she is taking forward with the Scottish Government, Universities, Colleges, Police Scotland and the third sector to reshape further and higher education’s response to violence against women across the UK and Ireland.

We are unable to share the footage from the conference at this time, however more information about the work of Fiona and #Emilytest can be found here:


“Huge emotional impact and made me feel rejuvenated in my role”

“The presentation increased my understanding of the impact coercive control/abuse can have on young people and how quickly it can escalate”

“Powerful, honest and thought provoking”