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FASD E-Learning Resource

We are pleased to be able to share the newly developed FASD (Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder) e-learning modules and guidance about how to access them.

The learning is free to access.

It is not known how many children, young people and adults are affected by this developmental disorder; many are identified when in the care of adoptive parents.  It is likely that there are many looked after and care experienced children and young people who may be living with FASD without either them or their carers and family knowing.  There are likely also to be many people affected by FASD who are or were not care experienced and who require help and support.

To enable practitioners to understand more about FASD, The Scottish Government in partnership with experts in FASD has created an e-learning module which is available on the NHS Education for Scotland TURAS platform:

  • Understanding FASD
  • Preventing FASD
  • Identifying FASD
  • Interventions and Support for FASD

Understanding FASD offers a broad overview for practitioners and lays the foundations for understanding why preventing FASD and knowledge of the Chief Medical Officer’s “No Alcohol No Risk” in pregnancy message is so important.  It also outlines why early identification and intervention and support is essential to fostering positive outcomes for individuals with FASD.

This learning resource outlines why, without identification and support, affected individuals often struggle to attain and acquire life skills for independent living.  Those affected but unsupported have a high degree of need for mental health, addiction and criminal justice services.

To access the resource register here:

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Use this link to access the resource once you have registered and signed in: