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Encompass Snapshot 2023

The Encompass Network of specialist services supporting women involved in selling or exchanging sex has published its third Snapshot which gives an insight into the key needs of women. Some of its key findings include the following:

  • The majority of supported women (45%) were between the ages of 31 and 40, followed by the 41-50 age group (32%)
  • Out of 46 women for whom the data is known, 43 (93%) women disclosed that they had experienced violence and abuse related to their involvement in selling or exchanging sex.
  • 30 women had children and 24 of these women had disclosed that they had children removed from their care. This affected 43 children and young people.

All services – mainstream and specialist – have a role to play in comprehensive and multiagency support response.

To read the Snapshot, please refer to the attachment or the following link: Encompass Snapshot 2023 (

Encompass Snapshot 2023